Apex Chamber of Commerce

The Apex Chamber of Commerce is working to build and sustain a vibrant economy and a superior quality of life in our community.

Founded in 1958, the Chamber has an engaged operating group, motivated volunteers and a dedicated professional staff poised to implement progressive programs that aid in the profitability of its members, build a better economic community, develop future leaders and enhance small business development and growth.



BNI was started in January 1985 by Ivan R. Misner, Ph.D. BNI provides a positive, supportive, and structured environment for business people to grow their businesses through word of mouth marketing. Since 1985 BNI members have exchanged millions of referrals which have resulted in excess of $13.6 Billion dollars in business. Being a member of BNI is like having sales people working for you every day who market your product or service. BNI's sole purpose is to provide a structured environment for the development and exchange of quality business referrals. If referrals are an important part of your business, then BNI is the organization for you.


The ASCII Group was established in 1984 when a small group of resellers joined together to network and increase their purchasing power and leverage in the marketplace. Today, as the the largest independent group of solution providers in North America, members learn best practices from one another and understand deeply the challenges that are facing businesses today.

Morrisville Chamber of Commerce

The Morrisville Chamber of Commerce is currently celebrating its 20th year of operation and advocacy for the Morrisville business community. The Chamber was established in 1990 when the population of Morrisville was only 5,208. Today, there is an estimated 17,000 residents.

Cary Chamber of Commerce

The Cary Chamber of Commerce serves as the unified business voice of the Cary area. It provides leadership to support and facilitate a thriving business environment. The Chamber believes that such an environment is characterized by the strength and growth of resident businesses, by the quality and stability of their workforces and by the attractiveness of our market to businesses whose presence would be a positive influence on our community.